• Eucalyptus - After the 2004 typhoon

Eucalyptus – After the 2004 typhoon

The series of “trees” begins here, but this was originally a faculty of agriculture, but it has become a museum and art theater, cutting down most of the trees and leaving only the memorial trees, so it acts as a windbreak. The wonderful forest has disappeared, and the trees are dying because they are made of concrete and hardened.
He drew his work in a hurry and held a solo exhibition at the place of painting, Kenbi. About 50 works. Therefore, the work is a rough drawing for Masanao Sakamoto.
Newspapers and television covered the area, and the prefecture, which did not move at all, moved, removed the concrete around it, and the eucalyptus tree was saved. Now the tree is growing large and rich branches.
Many of them have no title on the back, but I can tell you that they were in a hurry.
I also did that through pictures, moving records and prefectures. (Masanao Sakamoto’s eldest daughter Kaoru Tokoro)

Project Details

  • 2005

  • 1,455×894

  • Oil Painting, Canvas