• Preparation for departure

Preparation for departure

“Preparation for departure” was burned down along with the prefectural Miyazaki Junior High School building by an incendiary bomb dropped by B29 on the afternoon of August 12, 1945.
After returning from China (Central China), I drew it at the Gakusho-do (Kyoto) in 1945 and exhibited it at an independent exhibition.
Someday, I was worried that I wouldn’t know if the call would come.
His comrades, who had already returned from China in the summer of 2016, had been convened and sent to the battlefield.
The Pacific War began on December 8th of this year.
The second convocation came in the summer of 2017.
(From the pamphlet of “Record Exhibition of My War Experience”)

In the era of war” When I was preparing for the application for the beauty school, it was a convocation. If I hadn’t convened, I would have taken the exam, and my life might have changed. It was July of 1937 (Showa 12). When I received the telegram from my father and returned to Miyazaki, I still remember that the scenery of Furusato, which hadn’t changed at all, welcomed me. I fought in China as a logistical soldier and was discharged in 1940.
I will go to Kyoto again, and this time I will be painting while working at the paint shop’s painting hall. Eventually, the war with the United States began, and it was the second call since ’42.
At the art supply hall, there was a lot of work to deliver custom-made art materials to various painters such as Shoen Uemura. And I have another encounter with Mr. Suda. (Kunitaro Suda)
I took my work to the institute and had the teacher see it when I saw it in the drawing hall. It was March ’41 (Showa 16) that I received an okay from my teacher and was selected for the first independent exhibition.
“Preparation for departure” depicting soldiers and horses, the work of No. 50, which can be said to be the origin of my war series. I sent Mr. Ryutaro Koike, who I learned in junior high school, to the prefectural Miyazaki Junior High School saying, “I was selected for the first time,” and the principal displayed it in the principal’s office. However, this work was burned with an incendiary with the prefectural Miyazaki Junior High School.
For me, it was great to meet Mr. Suda and receive guidance. The teacher’s paintings were different in the way they were drawn, the composition, the skin, and the way they were drawn, and I drew a unique work called the so-called Suda style. I’m sure it suits my constitution. Fashionable pictures don’t look good.
The second battlefield was Taiwan. When I was a veteran, I wrote that I had a driver’s license, so I was an automobile unit. However, in Taiwan, due to the US offensive, cars could not be used and they moved with horses. It was a horse until the very end. I used to have a horse at home when I was a kid. Was it up to the first year of junior high school? After that, I was a cow, but the horse and I have an inseparable edge.
(From “Landscape in me” Mugi Kimura)

Preparation for departure
1941.3 11th Independent Art Association Exhibition (listed on the back)
The image work was created in 1976 with the same composition as a lithograph work. 401×527

Collection of Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University and Miyazaki Bereaved Family Hall

Project Details

  • 1976

  • 401×527

  • Lithograph 3/10