Sketch (Landscape) 4 sheets set (Reiya Tower)

  • Sketch (Landscape) 4 sheets set (Reiya Tower)

Sketch (Landscape) 4 sheets set (Reiya Tower)

1979.3.22 Road near Zhongshan Mausoleum Poplar sycamore here is straight and is better than Shanghai (left)
1997.11.11 4:15 pm Around Reiya Tower (upper right)
‘79.3.27 ○ (lower middle)
600 ○○ Mochigome ○ Ash ○○○○○ Kamado 1979.11.11 (lower right)

Left: Poplar sycamore here, straight out, it turns out that it is more beautiful than Shanghai. The lower letter Zhongshan Mausoleum is the tomb of Sun Yat-sen, a pioneer of the Chinese Revolution, and is a very famous roadside tree boulevard in Nanjing that goes to the tomb. This sketch is a masterpiece that beautifully represents the plane tree boulevard.
Upper right: Reiya Tower. There is Reiyaji Temple in the east of Nanjing, and a part of Sanzou Houshi’s skull is preserved. Around 1940, after the occupation of Nanjing, the Japanese army discovered a sarcophagus containing the skull of Sanzou Houshi from the basement when the Inari Shrine was built in the southern part of Nanjing. Is the date 1979? 1977?
Lower right: Probably inside the Reiya Tower. It is a stubborn building made 600 years ago in the Ming dynasty, using glutinous rice and lime as an adhesive in the era when there was no cement.
(The interpreter and researcher of the Nanjing tour that participated in 2018, Ms. Wei Daikoku, sent us an interpretation of the work.
Masanao Sakamoto’s eldest daughter Kaoru Tokoro)

Collection of The Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders

Project Details

  • 1979 1997

  • Pencil, Paper