Sketch (Landscape) 5 sheets set

  • Sketch (Landscape) 5 sheets set

Sketch (Landscape) 5 sheets set

Kanzanji Temple 1978.10.31 (upper left)
Leaning Tower of Pavilion 1979.7.31 (upper right)
Suzhou 79.10.21 2:35 pm (lower left)
Guangzhou Leaning Tower ’79 .10.22 (Lower middle)
Leaning Tower of Pagoda, Suzhou 1979.3.31 (Lower right)
※ Sketches with text

Upper left: Suzhou Wuzhong Temple Jiang Kaede Bridge Municipal Cultural Protection Unit Suzhou City Cultural Management Committee
Speaking of Suzhou, the first thing that comes to mind in Japanese is probably “Kanzanji”. Why? Did it become? There is a line called “Bell will be Kanzanji” in Lee Kalan’s famous song “Suzhou Night Song”. The upper right and lower right are one of the same tourist names in Suzhou, “Toraoka Slope”.
The bottom left two are the river Suzhou, which flows through Suzhou City, Guangdong Province.
(The interpreter and researcher of the Nanjing Tour in 2018, Ms. Wuzhong Antique, sent us an interpretation of the work. Masanao Sakamoto’s eldest daughter Kaoru Tokoro)

Project Details

  • 1978-79

  • 143×204

  • Pencil, Conte, Paper