• Sky on August 15 - Defeat

Sky on August 15 – Defeat

The day of the defeat when neither military boots nor medals are needed (listed on the back)

I was relieved when the war was over. It’s in the mountains of Taiwan.
If you are on level ground, you will be killed by American Grumman.
Because we are targeted. I was hiding with my horse.
I can’t forget it. Since the war is over, you can feel relieved and the blue sky looks beautiful. happy.
Of course, it was sunny in Japan that day.
Below are military boots. I wear it at dawn and at night.
I have nothing else to wear, so I will wear it even after the war is over. I wear this to work.
The red under the boots is the medal. This is the lowest medal received at the beginning of the Sino-Japanese War.
That’s how I drew a medal that wasn’t worth anything after the war was over.
The year after the defeat, he withdrew from Taiwan to Kagoshima.

(From an interview with NHK “Ichagawide”)

Collection of The Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders

Project Details

  • 1987

  • 910×727

  • Oil Painting, Canvas