Sketch (Landscape) 4 sheets set (Daimyoji temple)

  • Sketch (Landscape) 4 sheets set (Daimyoji temple)

Sketch (Landscape) 4 sheets set (Daimyoji temple)

1979.3.22 Night Nanjing Shadow of plane tree (upper left) that reminded me of the memory and impression seen from inside the minibus
79.3.25 Yangzhou (upper right)
79.3.25 Yangzhou (lower left)
1979.3.25 Yangzhou (lower right)

Upper left: Nanjing The letters on the night of March 22 can be seen faintly. Memories and impressions of sycamore from the window of the minibus … Shadow of sycamore. Perhaps a sketch of the scenery seen from a minibus riding Nanjing at night. Is it a feeling that old memories are revived? The red letters are unclear.
The other three are Yangzhou. The date is March 25th. I think it was drawn when I went to Yangzhou, a town related to Jianzhen, after Nanjing. There is a temple called Daming Temple in Yangzhou, and the famous priest Jianzhen Jianzhen of the Tang dynasty practiced at this temple before moving to Japan. In 1972, after the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China, this town and temple were set when the movie “Tempyo no iraka” was co-produced. 120km from Nanjing.
(The interpreter and researcher of the Nanjing tour that participated in 2018, Ms. Wei Daikoku, sent us an interpretation of the work.
Masanao Sakamoto’s eldest daughter Kaoru Tokoro)

Collection of The Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders

Project Details

  • 1979.3.22-25

  • Pencil, Paper