Sketch (Landscape) 4 sheets set (Shaanxi Province)

  • Sketch (Landscape) 4 sheets set

Sketch (Landscape) 4 sheets set (Shaanxi Province)

1977.11.8 (upper left)
79.10.16 5 pm See the size of the Yellow River for the first time. Talk to Mr. Liang Fuku. (upper right)
1977.11.7 1:30 pm Intersection near Xi’an (lower left)
1979.10.18 6:50 am Camera ○ (lower right)

Upper left: It seems that you visited the stone elephant stone horse exhibited at the Shaanxi Provincial Museum (in Xi’an) (probably excavated from Terracotta Warriors).
Upper right: Yellow River Let’s start the size of the Yellow River.
Bottom two: The scenery near the hotel where I stayed. Around 1977, very few Japanese came to China as tourists, and the western region of Xi’an was still an old-fashioned landscape, and at that time, the Chinese landscape was the first to be seen.
Xi’an is still considered the gateway to the Silk Road journey. It is the first city where Buddhism was introduced from India. Especially in the Tang dynasty, it is also a sanctuary where envoys to Tang and Sui competed.
Mr. Masanao Sakamoto is not only a master of travel, but also a great senior of travel.
(The interpreter and researcher of the Nanjing tour that participated in 2018, Ms. Wei Daikoku, sent us an interpretation of the work.
Masanao Sakamoto’s eldest daughter Kaoru Tokoro)

Project Details

  • 1977 1979

  • Watercolor, Conte, Paper